I don’t hear clock bells.
When the cattle belled people roll over in their beds,
and ting the sound rose,
I hear those .
Time becomes free after midnight.
It breaks free of the clocks of the world.
It flies and chats.
I hear that.
Time swimming around.
Silently splashing and growing flowers in burial grounds.
People sigh a lot in sleeps.
Sighs soaring in silence to the sky.
The shuttered shops in silent streets shake off the smell of people.
The people who are sleeping now.
In unfolded beds.
Dogs doze off and wake up and howl.
Cats cuddle each other and dream and growl.
Of uncanny euphoria.
There was a time when ghosts could come out and venture.
There were useless laws.
Laws that , not stated, but simply suggested,
“The night be left out for ghosts.”
In exchange, the ghosts carried out seduction filled silences.
Tune filled moon petals.
Laws now wear Armani suits and sits on,
On parchment bags and leather hands.
Punctual and precise people run along the streets.
And ghosts have abandoned cities.
Useless things are of no use in this world.
Sometimes the moon pour in like monsoon over the city.
And soaking wet the buildings reek of of unlawful giggles.
Hush Hush hysteria.
Unnerving utterances.
People fail to utter what they meant to pass along.
The language the babies took in with toothless wonder,
came from parchment bags and lather hands.
And the letters don’t let them say their sadness.
In borrowed language they speak bullshit till sunrise.
Cattle belled people drown in drowsiness unheard to ghosts.
Ghosts don’t gasp for guillotines to put the unsavory to rest.
They rest knowing there’s grey in the clouds.
The cattle belled people believe,
There’s the Black clouds that thunder and the White clouds that delight.
The cattle belled people build atrocities in the sky,
and they painted it black and white.
The smell of earth where reindeer once walked,
don’t reach ’em.
They burn incense to fill the pretty maze.
Reindeer musk scent in a pretty pristine place.

I don’t hear clock bells.
I hear what I can’t tell.
In toothless wonder I took in the words.
The wounds they won’t let me ooze out.
I live in Black and White.
I live in what I might.
I live in hearing the night.
I put on faces that delight.
I live on…
For now.

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