The Other Side of the Lake

Dear Virginia,
Even after wishing it really bad, I can’t seem to sleep tonight.
I really need to. My body really deserves a break from me.

I’m sure in your cottage the greens have crawled all around, and lakes have filled with alluring seductions.
I, sometimes, most of the times, can comprehend why you needed the water to make it stop.

Make it stop.
Even after wishing it really bad, you can’t always make it stop.
It becomes unbearable at times, losing control over your brain.

It is also mesmerizing to watch, how the brain can become unattainably free while you are in a box, socially trained to oblige.
But it’s a double edged sword. And a thing can be two things. In fact, the things that state they are only one thing, I refuse to be part of those. Those stories that go off prancing their monolithic myth.

Virginia, I really hope that I stay a little longer on the other side of the lake, and tell all those stories that’ll never be one thing.


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