Heaven gave me back.
The sky returned me.

I felt like a piece of cloth the store bullied you into buying,
bullied you with greasy smile and high words,
and now you need to give it back.
Now you see how it doesn’t belong.

So I found myself on the same step.
From where I was supposed to ascend.
And I slipped and fell.

The same street, the same people.
Yet I have not been the same.
They know nothing,
but they can smell.
Sky is a strong smell to shake off.

Yet I have not been the same.
I have not played the game,
since I came back.

They yet can’t tell.
But they will in time.
Preposterous passion!
Invalid glee.
Unacceptable sadness.
Dazed wish to flee.

I can’t promise you that
if you kiss me enough,
that if you hold me enough in high noons,
I won’t float off.
Unfair, I know.
But life is shockingly unfair!

You love me enough,
I think.
Yet I can’t tell,
what you’d feel if I wasn’t returned.
I suppose, that’s one of the reason I wanted to ascend.
All that unknowing!
Takes up all your being.
Like a black hole,
consumes you.
Consumes any possible chance of rebuilding.

Do you know what darling?
Life is shockingly unfair.
Even the sky gives you back.

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