The Solitudes in One Hundred Years of Solitude

{As I like the unimportant things in life, things that at a first glance hold no purpose, no immediate reason, I do plenty of things that serve that point. So I’ve listed all the mentions of solitude in Gabo’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. I kept reading it, and marking religiously the solitudes. Then I’ve washed some dishes and listed one or two from it, showered and then listed four, went to the bazaar and then listed three, woke up at 3am and listed some more, and so it ended one bitter morning when the sun was taking a revenge on the earth bellow. The day before the first hint of Boishakhi storm, almost in a very cheeky way, resembled the storm that wiped off Macondo. So here it is, the solitudes, that at a first glance serve no purpose. }

-He returned because he could not bear the solitude.
-Terrible solitude.
– Abandoning him to his solitude.
– Who would share her solitude.
– He would be a palliative for her solitude.
– Abrupt solitude.
-With a look of solitude.
– Easing his solitude with occasional women.
– They were accomplices in solitude.
– Weep over her solitude.
– Lost in solitude.
– Lost in the solitude of his immense power, he began to lose direction.
– Trying to break the hard shell of his solitude.
– Obeying a habit of her solitude.
– The secret of a good old age is simply an honorable pact with solitude.
– The aridity of solitude.

-Solitude had made a selection in her memory.
– The privileges of solitude.
– The desert of solitude.
– His quiet years of solitude.
– The impenetrable solitude.
– Hope of defeating solitude.
– His miserable solitude.
– The bitter solitude.
– The measureless understanding of solitude.
– Sank so deeply into solitude.
– So anchored in her solitude.
– He died of old age in solitude.
– Disturbed his solitude.
– The paradise of shared solitude.
– The cloister of solitude.
– A whole life of solitude.
– Did not share their solitude.
– She became human in her solitude.
– Unfathomable solitude.
– The pox of solitude.
– Secluded by solitude and love,
  and by the solitude of love.
– Integrated in the solitude.
– Dying of solitude.
– One Hundred years of solitude.

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